A Thought for Ibiza in 2019

The Autumn months in Ibiza always inspire moments of reflection and self evaluation, a look back at what was and a look forward to what is yet to come.


In our previous blog we discussed the changes and market trends that we saw in the 2018 season. In this blog we want to explore what we think we can expect in 2019 and the changes that we´d like to see so that Ibiza continues setting trends and being one of the most desired holiday destinations in the world.

Ibiza’s unique setting and atmosphere will undoubtedly continue to attract big spenders, but we imagine that, by now, everybody has had the realisation that there is not quite an infinite number of high rollers that will simply flood our shores and spend, whatever they are asked, without questioning quality or service. What we need now is a bit of perspective and balance for the future so that the island can maintain its success before getting too silly.

We gave a big thumbs up to the improved guest experience this summer which came from less crowded venues and better customer service, but we now want to see more competitive and fairer prices matching what each venue has to offer.

Ibiza has always been an expensive destination attracting affluent clientele from across the globe. The VIP experience, expensive club tables, bottomless champagne brunches, mega yachts and luxury villas, have all been at the centre of the Ibiza holiday scene for about a decade now and seems to be here to stay. We are fine with that, but we need to ensure that it is limited to a handful of venues that offer true exclusivity, quality and service.

Mega Yachts Ibiza

What is increasingly alarming now is how this has become the norm, pricing out a substantial part of the traditional Ibiza holidaymakers who either can’t afford the prices or are simply not prepared to be ripped-off.

As a result, some venues have struggled to fill up this summer, impacting not only their bottom line but creating a lacklustre atmosphere. We believe that many restaurants and clubs should start steering away from their obsession with attracting only the top market and start to diversify their offering to attract back the middle market, the island residents and the younger generations.

Ibiza is at cross-roads now, if it continues going down this direction, it is at risk of churning out one new soulless place after another, eliminating a reliable part of the market and the vibe that made it a special place. After all, it is the diversity, authenticity and culture of the island that remains key to make people keep wanting to come back.

Fortunately, in the last couple of years we are finally seeing the resurgence and recognition of the more authentic, rural and spiritual characteristics of the island, the real Ibiza. From the family owned fish shacks and century old farmhouses to the magical sunsets of Es Vedra and escapism into the bohemian countryside, we want to see more love given back to the culture of Ibiza and a continued celebration of what makes it so great. Various venues have opened their doors in the last couple of years which signal the inception of that trend, which we hope will continue in the coming years.

Beach club ibiza

In relation to the entertainment offering, for an island that has been named the party capital of the world, the offering can often be a little limited and lack diversity (not always helped by the local authorities of course!). One area that we think could be improved is for new and existing beach clubs to take a step away from the usual heavy techno and deep house and bring some weekly uplifting parties to our shores. Think dragged out boozy lunches, paired with iconic Ibiza anthems, classic dance tunes and the cool sunset beats that we can´t get enough of!

Delving further, we want to see Ibiza Town to gain back its status as a prime meeting and going out hotspot. Those a little older will remember the fantastic atmosphere of the streets in the Marina and Dalt Vila. Eclectic crowds, packed small bars, club parades, hippy markets, drag queens, you could just spend hours sipping a cocktail whilst people watching, a truly unique experience.

Along with the sophisticated modern revamp in the centre of Ibiza town and the pedestrianisation of Vara del Rey and Plaza del Parque, we´d like to see some cool new must-go to tapas bars, cocktail spots and live music venues, which will give Ibiza back its old understated glamour.

Ibiza Town

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